Superplasticizer and inhibito
An additive for imported concrete


Studies conducted in the past few years have brought on a change in the concept of preparing concrete mixtures. Primarily, whereas we always knew that in order to get a good strong mixture we needed to include a great amount of cement, we now know it is better to make concrete with a minimal amount of cement, thus making it more durable in the long run and of better quality.
The reason for this is that once the cement comes into contact with water, chemical activity begins to trigger hydration in the concrete, which leads to very high temperatures. This, in turn, creates side effects, such as cracks in the concrete or simply the burning of the cement long before it dries out, thus causing the concrete to disintegrate. As it turns out, it is the cement that actually causes the hydration, so the less of it there is in the mixture, the lower the hydration, and the side effects can be prevented.


ENT-20 is a special plastic superadditive, which inhibits and decreases water, and has unique advantages that allow for the reduction of the amount of cement in the concrete mixture.
ENT-20 is a unique additive that our company in Israel has developed. It is a high quality material for water reduction, is convenient for use and has every feature needed in a quality additive for imported concrete.

The advantages of ENT-20 specified below allow us to resolve the problems referred to in the introduction, which we all face while planning the mixtures, preparing the concrete and casting it.
•ENT-20 inhibits the chemical reaction that begins with the contact of the cement with the water during preparation of the concrete, and thus delays the decrease of consistency for 45 minutes (the standard time required for transporting and casting the concrete). Adding a small amount of the additive on site will allow for another 45-minute delay in the decrease of consistency.
• Using ENT-20 will reduce the amount of water needed for preparation of the concrete with the required consistency by 15%-20%, and will allow for the reduction of the cement in accordance with the w/c ratio, without negatively influencing the required consistency.
• ENT-20 will induce the exit of locked air from the mixture (created during preparation of the concrete) and will thus bring about maximal density of the concrete, which provides several significant advantages: Extra strength. Waterproof surface area, which is vital in the casting of basements and pools. The sealing of the concrete prevents the danger of dampness reaching the constructing iron, which leads to corrosion.
• ENT-20 allows for a uniform concrete mixture and maintains the necessary aggregate ranking during loading, transportation and casting of the concrete.
• The uniform mixture and the completely dense concrete will let us achieve a nice smooth element with a uniform surface in the casting of exposed concrete.
• The curing of concrete with ENT-20 is slower and more controlled, thus avoiding the familiar problem of cracks on hot summer days.
• ENT-20 renders the concrete viscous and elastic, which makes for easy pumping with the concrete pumps and prevents blockage of pipes in the pump. The oiliness of the concrete will also diminish the wear on the pumping systems and prevent future damages.
• The qualities of concrete with ENT-20 substantially reduce the phenomena of concrete expansion and contraction under various weather conditions, as well as cracks and concrete disintegration, thus allowing the concrete to maintain its strength for many years.
•ENT-20 is characterized by a good reaction with cement, and it utilizes a bigger portion of the cement compared to a reaction without the additive. We thus achieve a strengthening process of the concrete that is longer than normal.
• The reduction of the amount of cement in the concrete mixture significantly lowers the cost of theconcrete, in addition to achieving better concrete.

APPEARANCE   Form: Liquid , Color: Brown.
APPLICATION   Solids content: Ca. 37% w/W,   Ash content: Ca. 2% w/W  , Relative density: Ca. 1.2% w/W , Chloride ion content: Nil to 2% w/W , Chloride content at a dosage rate of 0.28% content: 0.00056% w/W,  Equival sodium oxide content: Typical 1/5% w/W as Na20 , Air entrapment: Nil to 0.9% increase , Freeze point: -10.

Ent-20 is recommended for use at a rate of 400mls -1000mls per 100kg of cement. (0.4%-1% of cement content). At reduced dosages water reduction and performance will reduce.
Trial mixes should always be carried out to determine the optimum dosage rate. For further advice contact the Enermit Technical Department.

Ent-20 should be dispensed into mixer with the gauging water. It should never be added to dry cement.

Ent-20 can be used with all types of Portland cement. It is also compatible with other admixtures (i.e. air entrains). When used in conjunction with other admixtures each must be dispensed separately into the concrete mix. Please consult out Technical Department.

This product must be stored in closed containers protected form frost.

Storage precaution
Ent-20 should be protected in storage against extremes of temperature. If the product has frozen, thaw at temperatures above +2 and reconstitute by mechanical agitation only.

Shelf life
18 months in unopened manufacturer containers.

is supplied in 1,000 liter bulk deliveries.

The additive bears a standards mark in compliance with the strict guidelines of the Israeli standard, and the company operates in accordance with the European ISO 9001 quality control standard.
We have managed to introduce the additive all over the world; both in Western and Eastern countries, and its advantages over the other products have been proven.
In addition, our development lab is constantly working on new technologies and on improving our existing products. We also modify the additive to suit special climate conditions.