Enermit deals with developing, manufacturing and marketing of chemicals additives for the concrete industry.
The company markets 3 main products for the concrete industry:
Ent-20 -an attachment restricted and a medium water content reducer.
Ent-30 - an high sup plastic water content reducer.
NewCreteM - a new brand of Micro synthetic fibers for reinforcement of concrete.

The company factory ,storehouse and office are located in Israel.

We supply our products to plenty of concrete factories in Israel, from our factory to the client storage containers with a very quick and effective service.

All products stands to the Israeli standard 896 and comply with the quality management standard SI ISO 9002:1994.
All products checked for quality control by the company engineer.

The company engineer is always available to our clients in consulting and technical problems solving. In addition he takes a period visits in clients factory, in which he does perfection tests and dosage systems calibration and examine correct use of products.